We’re on a mission to simplify parents' hectic lives and give them back the time they deserve.

The mental load is real!

As parents, we are constantly keeping track of a million things for our kids - whose turn it is to drive the carpool, what time their class starts, where the game is this week, when registration opens for their favorite camp… and why isn’t there a better way!?

You keep track of your kids. We keep track of their activities.

With Campanzier, there’s a little less for you to remember. It’s every camp and class, searchable and sortable. Not just by age, location, date and price, but also by what’s popular with your kids’ friends and other parents like you. Plus, it’s a simple way for friends to share their activities with each other (because kids love to go with their friends, and parents love to carpool!) and for you to sync your family’s activities with your calendar. It’s perfect for busy working parents, families new to an area and anyone who wants to take the stress out of finding, planning and coordinating their kids’ activities.

Keeping your kids busy shouldn’t keep you busy.

We believe that the less time we spend planning our kids’ lives, the more time we can spend living our lives. Maybe it’s with a quiet cup of coffee, or maybe it’s on a family bike ride. Whatever it is you like to do, we’re certain of this - we’ve never met a parent that didn’t appreciate a little more time.

Isabela Cubillan & Silvia Travesani.

Co-Founders Campanizer.

Boulder, CO.